What we do

We are, in a sense, a “boutique” firm for the general practice of law. By that we mean that we are interested in and capable of assisting our clients with a wide array of services and personal interests and matters.

To that end, for example, we have some experience with employment, immigration, “IP” (intellectual property), and accident/personal injury, as well as discrete personal and family matters.

In compliance with the standards established by the Maryland Court of Appeals, we strive to provide pro bono services for those in need.

When our clients are involved in a dispute, we encourage them to pursue, and can assist them with, mediation and arbitration.

When necessary and appropriate, we will conduct and assist our clients with identifying and retaining specialized legal counsel for their needs.

The core area of our practice is on the Eastern Shore. However, 21st century technology allows us to pursue, provide and address, as we do, legal matters throughout the State of Maryland.

All in all, to a large extent ours is a “quality, not quantity” and “client relationship” based approach to the practice of law. We strive to accomplish those goals with diligence, timeliness, preparation and attention to detail.

Breakdown of Legal Services

  • General Law Practice
  • Boutique Law Services

Boutique Legal Services

Real Estate Transactions • Environment • Business Associations

Estate Planning & Administration  • Agriculture & Marine • Solar

General Law Practice

Administrative • Appellate Litigation • Non-profit • Family Matters

Employment • Collections • Litigation

Practice Areas

Because we are located in a relatively rural area, we have extensive experience with diverse legal services relating to farming, agricultural and related matters.

We have extensive experience with the planning for, organization of and operation of corporations, partnerships (general and limited), limited liability companies (LLC’s) and joint ventures of all types.

David Blitzer is a recent graduate of Vermont Law School which has the leading environmental law program in the country.

We have experience with all aspects of estate planning including simple and more complex last wills and testaments.

We have extensive experience with many zoning and land use matters including purchase and sale contracts

We are experienced in handling a wide array of real estate transactions, including acquisitions, financing, leases, contracts and easement agreements.

We have extensive experience with many zoning and land use matters including purchase and sale contracts


Each Team Member at Hoon & Associates,
is Focused on the Best Possible Outcome for Our Clients.